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GIKEN was established in January 1967 in Kochi prefecture, Japan with the purpose of eliminating environmental damage in the construction industry. We started from scratch and then achieved success in developing the world’s first reaction-based hydraulic press-in and extraction machine the “Silent Piler”. The Silent Piler has eliminated vibration and greatly reduced noise in piling work at construction sites all over Japan. As a result, a “Press-in” industry was born and our pioneering technologies and achievement have been highly valued. They have also been spreading world wide. The press-in principle underlying the base of our technologies bears a lot of advantages and I am confident that it will form the main stream of the construction industry near future.

With the application of the press-in technologies we have developed various new construction methods to solve major problems by attaining shorter work duration, cost reduction and improvement of the working environment. Pushing our construction solutions forward, we proudly advocate and promote the “Construction Revolution” to establish a new standard which surpasses the convention of the current construction industry. New innovative products and new markets can be created using the press-in technologies. We have recently started a vertical development project and it proves the potentiality of the press-in technologies for future development.

We have deepened our press-in specialty and accumulated a vast range of experience since 1967. The mainstay of our management policy is to contribute to a healthier society through the prevention of environmental damage in the construction industry. We are fully committed to this policy and always keep ourselves one step ahead under our responsibility as the world’s leader in environmentally friendly piling.

Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Inventor of the Silent Piler

Akio Kitamura

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