Giken Reaction Base System / Non‐staging Method

 For A True Revolution in Constuction Methods

Eliminating temporary works and their associated costs is becoming one of the main concerns of shortening construction duration and significantly reducing overall costs of projects. Particularly in the case of construction works over water, it is usual to construct vast temporary facilities at much expense and effort far and above that necessary for the required construction work. GIKEN herewith proposes the Non-staging Method to abolish this precise problem once and for all.

The Non-staging Method is therefore known as a true “Construction Solution Method”.

GRB System  Integrated GRB Non-staging System

Utilizing the principle of reaction force, all necessary equipment for the piling operation is supplied on the pile line and the press-in work progresses along the pile line from the start to finish continuously without the need for external staging. Specialist machinery has been designed, developed and systemized into the integrated GRB Non-staging System, which enables the whole piling operation to be carried out with ease over water, on embankment slopes and along very confined or restricted sites where normal piling rigs or service cranes cannot gain access. It is possible to reduce the overall costs of a project significantly by eliminating the enormous cost of temporary facilities and works as well as through shortening of the work duration and the reduction of labour costs.