Super Crush Mode

Internal Augering  Integral Augering


In certain ground conditions, cobbles and stones may be present creating very hard piling conditions. However, use of conventional augering machines or heavy equipment for cast-in-situ diaphragm walls will increase the risk of collapse or overturning of the machines as well as the necessity of temporary staging or an access road.



To solve this difficulty the Silent Piler is equipped with an integral Pile Auger to enable the Press-in Method to be used in hard ground where water jetting would not be effective. Gripping the auger casing along with a pile, hard soil just below the current pile toe location is loosened by augering. The pressing-in action is carried out while simultaneously extracting the auger, the pile penetrates hard soil as it collapses around the augered voids.


Use of the integral augering based on the superior press-in principle, enables all the advantages of the Press-in method to be adopted to pile installation in difficult subsoil conditions. Therefore there is no danger of the machines overturning, or any necessity to provide wide right of way or temporary staging. Moreover, this system achieves minimum disturbance to surrounding subsoil with limited soil removals. Thus the associated environmental impact is minimal during the whole piling operation.