Water Jetting Mode

Water Jetting 


During pressing-in of a sheet pile, a pressure bulb is created at the toe of the pile, the pile shape and the interlock may fill with soil and as the pile is pressed deeper the reaction due to these effects becomes enormous. The increase in resistance requires greater pressing-in force leading to deformation of the pile and loss of productivity.


High pressure water jetting reduces the pressure bulb by temporarily and locally loosening granular soils and softening cohesive soils. Simultaneously the returning water lubricates the pile surface and the interior of the interlock reducing friction and reduces the tendency of the pile to plug. Accordingly productivity can be maintained without damage to the pile.


As the volume and pressure of water can be adjusted according to requirements, and as the water is applied only where it is needed, large voids are not created. The soil parameters quickly return to their normal state, as evidenced by the adequacy of the reaction force available in pressing-in the following piles. In short by controlling the water jetting procedure all the advantages are realised without damage to the soil. 
Water jetting is effected by means of either a high strength steel jetting pipe (lance) or by utilizing the newly developed high pressure flexible hose supplied from a reel system(Super Jet Reel) atop the Silent Piler, attached to the inner face of the sheet pile.

Selecting the most suitable auxiliary system to your specific projects, please consult experienced GIKEN engineers.

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