Giken ECO 700S Silent Piler

The Evolved Silent Piling Technologies Environment Conscious Operation and Higher Performance for Sustainable Construction Since development of the first Silent Piler in 1975 a substantial number of projects have been completed with scientific empirical analysis and feedback collected from each site project. The newest Press-in machines adapt to the wider shapes in construction materials which have been developed to be more efficient. This equipment uses advanced environmentally sound construction practices through systematic design while minimizing the overall environmental impact.
The latest ECO 700 series is now available throughout the UK and mainland Europe, bringing the installation of wider U and Z Piles to the European market.
Please contact the Giken’s distributors and availability below :

Area : England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland
AGD Equipment Limited
Avonbrook House, 198 Masons Road,
Stratford Enterprise Park,
Warwickshire CV37 9LQ, UK
Tel. +44 17 8929 2227 / Fax +44 17 8926 8350

Area : Germany
ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik GmbH
ThyssenKrupp Allee 1, 45143 Essen, Germany

Tel. +49 201 844 562313 / Fax +49 201 844 562333

Please contact GIKEN UK office on +44 845 260 8001 for any technical advice.
ECO 700S