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Thank you for accessing the UK and European web site of GIKEN ENGINEERING GROUP. Please enjoy the exclusive information relating to Silent Piling Technology. GIKEN originally invented, pioneered and developed the world’s first press-in machine, the Silent Piler, and since 1975 has been the world leader in press-in piling. With the environmental awareness of the 21st century, GIKEN advocates and fully promotes the Construction Revolution in order to establish a new standard which surpasses the current concerns of the construction industry. Implementing a One-step Approach, GIKEN provides innovative and practicable solutions to piling problems and in doing so achieves and satisfies the Five Construction Principles.

Environmental Protection ;                                           
Construction work should be environmentally friendly and free from pollution.                                           
Safety ;                                           
Construction work has to be carried out in safety and comfort with a method implementing the highest safety criteria.                                           
Speed ;                                           
Construction work should be completed in the shortest possible period of time.                                           
Economy ;                                           
Construction work must be done rationally with an inventive mind to overcome all constraints at the lowest cost.                                           
Aesthetics ;                                           
Construction work must proceed smoothly and the finished product should portray cultural and artistic flavour.        

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